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Basketball Stars


About Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars is a simple and practical sports game. Aiming to build your own basketball team from the ground up, you'll face challenges as you train players, hire trainers, and more. With different international leagues, tournaments and a lot of different game modes. 

Today basketball is one of the most popular sports all over the world. The streetball or informal ball is also called basketball, is a popular game that is played by two teams of five players (sometimes 6 or 7 players). The teams try to throw the ball into the opponents basket with the help of a basketball hoop. The basketball is made of rubber and it is inflated with air. The ball is often covered with a leather or plastic ball. The basketball is usually about 6 inches in diameter and contains a sponge that is filled with air. The basketball is a round shaped object with a smooth surface, which is inflated with air. The main object of basketball is to throw the ball through the colored hoop, which is mounted on the wall. In this game, the players jump, run and throw the ball. The players try to throw the ball through the hoop in the opposite side of a wall. To do this, the player must bring his or her own ball towards the opposite side of the wall. Then, the player throws the ball towards the opposite wall and with the help of the hoop he or she has the goal to score. The ball travels through the air and hits the wall. In this way, the players try to score points and achieve the highest score.

Welcome to the Basketball stars game where you get to show your basketball skills! Try to get the high score and become the best Basketball player on the court! In this fun and challenging game, you start with a small court, which you need to fill up with the ball in a limited number of shots. Fulfill your dream to be a basketball star! You need to make sure to have the right strategy to play this game and reach the high score in This amazing game. With the right strategy you can easily get a higher score. You can get more points with a successful shot, a good pass and other plays. There are many basketball stars who will help you out in this amazing game. You can choose to play with your friends or play against the computer AI. You will get a lot of tips from the basketball stars who will support you and help you master the

This one is the latest version of one of the most popular mobile basketball games. In this game you can play as a professional basketball player and compete against other players from all over the

Become the best basketball player and win the championship in this basketball game. Go head-to-head with your opponent in a series of one-on-one matches. It is a real-time multiplayer game in which you compete against your friends in a fast-paced game. Throw the ball into the hoop and sink the basket in this physics-based basketball game. If you are short on time and need a fun way to kill some time, Basketball Stars is the perfect choice for you! - INCREDIBLE 3D GRAPHICS - The game looks stunning and realistic. Watch the ball bounce as you try to sink the basket in this 3D game. - SPLENDID SOUND EFFECTS - You will hear the sounds of the basketball bouncing as you play the game. - AWESOME GAMEPLAY - The game is easy to play, yet challenging. Feel the rush of the competition as you try to score the basket. - COMPETE AGAINST YOUR FRIENDS - Compete against your friends as you play head-to-head in this real-time basketball game. - GAME CENTER - Compete in real-time and challenge your friends to a friendly match. Keep track of your stats and achievements in the game center. - ENDLESS FUN - There are a variety of basketballs and basketballs with different abilities and skills. You will have to choose the right basketball for the match. -

How to play Basketball Stars

Using Mouse

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