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Time Shooter


About Time Shooter

Shoot ‘n’ Run is a thrilling FPS game where the player has to shoot the enemies in the arena to avoid being hit and to survive for as long as possible. A simple concept yet an addictive genre. To start a new game, press “New Game” in the bottom left corner of your screen. Every time you run the game, it will generate a new arena for you to play in. This game is based on the realistic shooting simulation. The player can control the character from first person view. The left joystick is for moving the character while the right joystick is for turning the character. The player needs to tap the fire button at the bottom of the screen to shoot the enemies. The player can collect various weapons and ammunition to help them fight the enemies. Each weapon has its own unique characteristics. The player can upgrade the weapons to get more powerful ones. The player can upgrade their character by collecting points and smart coins. The character will grow stronger and more durable as they collect points. Smart coins are available to both the player and the enemies. Collecting smart coins will give the player a chance to get double points and double smart coins. The player has to survive as long as possible in the arena without getting hit. If the player is hit by an enemy, it will result in a death and the player will start over. The player can get 3 lives. 

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If you’re one of those people who likes to play video games and maybe even get good at them, then you’ve probably spent some time reading up on the different games that are available. You probably have your favorites and you know enough about them to know which ones to play when you want to get the most out of your gaming experience. One genre that is really taking off right now is the first-person shooter. It’s still going strong even though the popularity of console games has waned a bit. That doesn’t mean that PC gaming is on the backburner, though. It’s just getting more and more popular. If you’re looking for the best FPS games to play, you’ve landed in the right place.

FPS games are among the most popular on mobile devices for one reason: They’re easy to understand, easy to play, and easy to get hooked on. With FPS games, you don’t need to learn complicated controls or learn about mechanics. You just dive in and have fun. In this article, we have enlisted some best shooting games for Android that you should try if you’re looking for a simple game you can put down for half an hour.

How to play Time Shooter

Using Mouse

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