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Drift Boss


About Drift Boss

Drift Boss is an action-packed, skill-based game that combines the best of arcade and puzzle games. The game is played in real-time and requires quick thinking and hand-eye coordination to master the shifting tracks. The game is centered around the boss characters that can only be used once in each level and the protagonist who is tasked with helping them reach their goal. This one is one of the most unique and challenging games to play and can take a while to get used to. But once you learn the controls, the game will be easy to master. Grab your friends and challenge them to see who can reach the highest scores before time runs out! Features * Hints and tutorial to help you master the controls as well as the basic mechanics of the game * Real-time, action-packed gameplay that combines the best of arcade and puzzle games * 20+ levels of challenging tracks to master * Unlockable characters and power-ups that can only be used once in each level * Hard difficulty for extra challenge! Gameplay * Different characters can help you get to the end of each level. Some characters are faster than others. Some are better at taking damage. Some are better at jumping. Some are more agile. * Use the left and right arrow keys to steer the boss character in the direction you want. * Use the up arrow key to jump. * Use the down arrow key to fall. * Tap the spacebar to use your special

DriftBOSS is a new type of racing game inspired by the arcade classics. It's a fast-paced action game filled with futuristic cars and great drifting action where you have to ram other vehicles into a large floating obstacle while jumping and spinning your car at the same time to earn as many points as you can. If you like car games and 3D racing games, you'll love

This game a new racing game that combines fun and action with a unique gameplay concept. The game is played with a steering wheel and pedals, so drivers can enjoy the thrill of driving without the need for a keyboard or

This amazing game is a fast-paced arcade car racing game where you drift your way to victory! Drive your car, upgrade parts, and face off against other drivers in an intense race to become the Drift Boss ! Each level brings new challenges and opportunities to achieve victory. Use your drifting skills to gain momentum and beat the competition in this fun and challenging arcade game! Get ready for an adrenaline-filled drift race like no other! • Simple controls to master • Challenging tracks to master • Upgradeable parts and cars • Plenty of achievements to unlock • Compete against friends in the online leaderboards • Race against the computer in singleplayer mode • Unlockable car skins and decals to customize your ride • Unlock bonus cars and parts (in-app purchase) • Customize your car with decals and skins (in-app purchase) • Compete with friends and other drivers in the online leaderboards • Switch between 3 different game modes - Arcade, Elimination and Time Attack - for an even more challenging experience! • Switch between 2 different camera views - Top-down or 3D - for an even more dynamic race experience! • Compete for the best times in the global leaderboards • Optimized for Google’s Pixel phones and tablets • Support for the Google Daydream VR (In-App

How to play Drift Boss

Using Mouse

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