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Falling Fruits


About Falling Fruits

Falling Fruits is a strategy game in which you can build and upgrade your own tower, to protect it from the hordes of invading fruits. It’s an idle clicker game with triple-A graphics, non-stop, addictive gameplay, and tons of upgrades! Are you ready to embark on this challenging yet enjoyable journey? Fall fruits

The game is about tapping on the screen to collect as many fruits as possible. The more you tap, the higher is your score. There are two modes in this game: -Tower mode - you can upgrade your weapons, which will help you stop the enemies from coming through -Idle mode - when there are no enemies coming, the game goes into idle mode In idle mode, you can upgrade your weapon and buy new skills. These upgrades don't work in tower mode! But they do give you bonuses that make it easier to collect fruits. You can also swap between these modes at any time. The goal of this game is to keep collecting fruits and upgrading your character until you get far enough to unlock the next level. This is a clicker or an idle game with a twist! In order to get high scores, please try not to leave the screen unattended for too long, or else fruit might start falling

Falling Fruits is a tower defense game that uses the same mechanics as most other tower games, but with a twist. The fruits are falling from the sky, and it's up to you to stop them from getting past your defenses. You'll need to build and upgrade towers in order to create the best defense possible The game features two modes: Casual campaign mode and Endless mode. In casual campaign mode, you play through levels with increasing difficulty, gaining new upgrades for your towers and unlocking access to more levels in the process. The goal of this mode is to reach wave 15 before you lose all of your lives, which you earn as you progress throughout the level. In Endless Mode, there is no end - this means that you can continue playing until you die or until you decide to quit. To make things more challenging and diverse, Falling Fruits has different types of fruit which behave differently than one

How to play Falling Fruits

Using Mouse

Move Left: Arrow Left

Move Right: Arrow Right

Move Forward: Arrow Up

Move Back: Arrow Down

Spacebar to jump

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