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About TakePoint.io

Takepointio is a new game by Airtight Games that offers three gun upgrade tiers for you to enjoy with friends online. It’s easy to jump into the game and start shooting your way to victory as you upgrade your guns and experience more levels. You’ll also get a chance to experience what it's like when you don’t know where the enemy is. The problem with most online games today is how difficult it has become for players to find their opponents. In This amazing game , there are no lobbies or matchmaking systems so everyone will always be able to find someone on the battlefield! With just one click of a button, you can start venturing through levels while playing your favorite music. You’ll never stop enjoying your favorite music while playing this battle-royale style game! This one is

If you’re looking for a new game to play and have time to kill, then This game is perfect for you. With the help of a few simple controls, you can become the ultimate hacker and take over all the servers on the game in no time. Because this is an online multiplayer game, you'll need to be connected to a WiFi network in order to play with your friends. With so many players and hackers on the server at once, it's sure to provide hours of fun! If you're looking for a new way of playing online games and want something new, try out Takepointio : 2D Multiplayer Online Html5

Over the past few years, a new breed of game has been popping up in the gaming community. Two-dimensional games are highly reminiscent of old-school arcade games from before we had fancy graphics and consoles. This game , a 2D shooter game, is one such example of an old-school arcade game that's now available online. The entire gameplay is based around upgrading your weapons to improve your score and kill more enemies. In the beginning, it’s simple enough to clear each level with just a standard pistol. As you progress through the game and unlock different types of pistols you can use them to fight off waves of enemies that constantly come at

How to play TakePoint.io

Using Mouse

Move Left: Arrow Left

Move Right: Arrow Right

Move Forward: Arrow Up

Move Back: Arrow Down

Spacebar to jump

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